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Helping Our Customers In Maximizing Their Sales By Offering Them The Highest Quality Fiber Glass Products!!

Fiber glass is one of the most elegant products that has been developed by mankind. The main reason behind its elegance is its crystal-like appearance. Its versatile nature of being transformed into any shape and style, makes it an ideal choice for a myriad of applications. Super Fiber Glass is a trustworthy name in the fiber glass industry that has maintained its position as one of the leading manufacturers of Fiber Glass Products for more than a decade now. Our array of products include FRP Wash Basins, FRP Motor Cover, FRP Cover and a lot more. Apart from being a world class manufacturer, we also work as a service provider and render Job Work of Fiber Glass Window, Installation. We emerged in the market with a vision to gain profits without affecting the environment. In order to transform our vision into reality, we give stringent attention to our production process so that we can take various steps to minimize the waste and preserve our surroundings. In addition, we have also started planting trees for environmental conservation.

Research and Development

The sole reason behind the success of our company is our strong R&D department that has enabled us to be the best not only in our production processes, but all business operations. Since the demands of people keep changing with time, we believe in continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. Here, our R&D team comes into spotlight, as it consistently makes effort to look for the better and newer manufacturing processes so that our productivity can be increased while using all the available resources in an optimum manner. This also results in the elevation of sales.

Why Prefer Fiber Glass Over Other Material?

Given below are some characteristics of Fiber Glass that makes it the most preferred choice of people over other material:

  • Appearance: Enhances the aesthetics of products when used in their packaging. The crystal-like appearance rendered by the fiber glass products is unparallelled.
  • Comes with minimum price tag: It requires little or no maintenance cost. Products made using fiber glass material results in lower costs of storage and transportation.
  • Good for acoustics: The mentioned material easily absorbs more sound waves in comparison to other material that only bounce off the sound.
  • Experience less expansion and contraction: Unlike metal, wood and other material, fiberglass experience minimum contraction and expansion when comes in contact with heat, stress or cold.

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